Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Flash The Bios With No Os

BIOS updates are easiest if you use floppy disks.

Updating, or "flashing," a computer's BIOS (basic input/output system) is something that should only be done if you have a good reason, like if you're planning to upgrade to a processor that isn't support by your current BIOS. Since the BIOS functions independently of a computer's operating system, flashing the BIOS of a computer without an OS is done the same way, with the exception of having to prepare the installation files on a friend or family member's computer (unless you already have those materials prepared, of course).


1. Download the most recent version of your computer's BIOS using a friend's computer. Major manufacturers like Dell or Lenovo host these updates on their support websites, and often have BIOS updating tools to help you find the right files. If your computer is from a smaller manufacturer, you'll need to get the BIOS update from the manufacturer of your computer's motherboard.

2. Download the "Driver Free DOS Disk for BIOS Flashing" from bootdisk.com. It's a small program that creates bootable floppy disks. Insert a blank floppy disk into your friend's computer and run the program to create the bootable floppy.

3. Write down the names of the files in the BIOS update you got from the manufacturer's website and copy the files to the second floppy disk.

4. Put the bootable floppy into into your computer (not your friend's) and turn on the computer. It should boot to a DOS command prompt with a blinking cursor.

5. Eject the bootable floppy and insert the floppy with the BIOS update files.

6. Enter the name of the file ending in ".bat" or, if there is no ".bat" file, the file ending in ".exe." If you used the .bat file, all you have left to do is give the program permission to update your BIOS. If you used the .exe, you will be asked for the location and name of the BIOS update file. Enter "A:\" followed by the exact name of the update file on the floppy. Confirm you wish to continue flashing the BIOS when asked.

7. Remove the floppy disk and reboot the computer after the installation finishes.

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