Thursday, 6 August 2015

Set Printer Properties In Adobe Acrobat

You can customize your printing experience in Adobe Acrobat Professional 8 by setting your printer properties. These properties will allow you to specify certain aspects regarding how your PDF will look when it is printed. Keep reading to find out how you can set your printer properties in Acrobat.


1. Start Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and open a PDF document from your files that you want to print.

2. Choose the "File" menu and click on "Print" to open the "Print" dialog box. Click the "Properties" button to the right of the selected printer to open the dialog box containing the printer properties for your printer.

3. Select the "Paper/Quality" tab if necessary to bring up the paper quality settings. Choose a quick set if you would like from the "Print Task Quick Sets" dropdown list. You can set the size, source and paper type under the "Paper Options" section. The "Print Quality" can be set to the quality you want to be printed using the dropdown list.

4. Click the "Finishing" tab. Here you can set different options in the "Document Options" section regarding the layout you want to be printed. You can also set to rotate the document or use poster printing.

5. Pick the "Effects" tab to resize and scale the document in the "Resizing Options" section. You can also apply a watermark to the document in this section.

6. Use the settings found in the "Basics" tab to set the orientation, page order, number of copies and print preview.

7. Utilize the "Color" tab to select if you want to print the document in color or grayscale. If you choose to print in color, use the "Color Attributes" sliders to set the saturation, brightness and color tone. Click the "OK" button to close the dialog box and set the new printer properties for Acrobat.

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