Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Install Power Connectors

A power connection to the motherboard is essential in building a computer.

The power supplies on computers are an essential item that routes power to the motherboard and its components, ultimately allowing the computer to turn on and operate. On the outside of the power supply is a standard alternating current plug which connects to the power source on your surge protector or wall. Inside the power supply is one of three different types of power connectors, which differ depending on the power supply. Fortunately, installing the power connectors to your motherboard is a straightforward task regardless of the power supply type. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Open up the case of your computer by removing the screws. Set them aside. Slide the case from the internal computer parts. Attach the antistatic wrist strap to your wrist. Attach its ground connection to something already grounded. Antistatic electricity damages sensitive electronic parts, the wrist strap prevents that from happening. Look inside the computer case for the unit with the alternating current plug coming from the back of it. This will be the power supply.

2. Locate the power connector coming from the power supply and identify the style of connector that it is. It will either be an AT-style connector, which is made up of two distinct wiring harnesses that run from the power supply, an ATX-style connector, which is a 20-wire single wiring harness, or a two-to-three mini plug connector.

3. Remove the current power supply and install the new one. Remove the screws that hold the power supply in place. Set them aside. Take the power supply out of the computer case and install the new one in its place. Replace the screws to secure it.

4. Run the power connector to the motherboard and locate the matching power supply connector on it. If there is a direct match, purchase splitters that convert the style of connector to the type used by the motherboard.

5. Gently push down the power connector onto the receiving end on the motherboard until you hear a slight click, which confirms that the power connectors are secure.

6. Attach the case cover, secure its screws and hook-up the computer up to its peripherals. Power the unit on.

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