Friday, 14 August 2015

Replace The Motherboard On An Acer Aspire T310

Most Acer desktops function well with generic motherboard replacement parts.

Replacing the Acer Aspire T310 motherboard is a necessary evil when your computer starts to have issues such as errant USB and PS2 ports, continual blue screens or complete power failure. Fortunately, replacing this desktop motherboard is not a difficult task, and most Acer desktops function well with generic motherboard replacement parts. Check the back of the desktop with the ports on the motherboard you choose to make sure they are in the same place so the new motherboard will fit in the old case. An easier way to do this is to take your old motherboard into the computer accessory store to find a compatible motherboard. You can also compare the ports on the old motherboard with images and specifications of new motherboards from online stores such as New Egg, Geeks or Amazon.


1. Review your Acer Aspire T310 computer manual before you start to disassemble the computer to verify the panel disassembly. Disconnect all the cables from the back of the desktop including the power cord.

2. Turn the computer so the back is facing you. Remove the screws that hold the right side panel in place and slide the panel toward you to remove it. Set the panel aside.

3. Disconnect the power supply cables from the motherboard by pushing the side pressure pin in and pulling the plastic connector up. Remove the data cables from the motherboard by unplugging them. These go to the CD/DVD device and hard drive. Disconnect audio cables in the same way. Remove the power button connector in the same way. Pay careful attention to the way cables are connected, so you reconnect in the same way. A cable connected in reverse can cause an electrical short.

4. Disconnect the power cables from the hard drive and CD/DVD device in the front of the computer. This will allow you to easily pull out the power supply. Remove screws holding the rectangular power supply in place. This is the device that has a fan in the back and sits on the top right back side. Hold the power supply while removing the screws or it will fall to the work surface. Place it to the side so you can have full access to the motherboard.

5. Lay the computer case down so you can see the motherboard laying flat. Remove any device cards in the PCI or PCI-E slots. These cards sit in slots perpendicular to the motherboard and are located in the center of the computer. Note that some computers do not have any cards installed in the slots. Remove the screw that holds the card ports to the back of the computer and pull the card out gently.

6. Remove all the screws that hold the motherboard to the metal case. These will be in the corners and two or three will be located towards the center of the motherboard.

7. Lift out the motherboard by slight pulling from one corner. If the motherboard still feels securely fastened to the case, you have missed a screw and need to locate and remove it.

8. Lay the motherboard flat on your work surface and remove the heatsink and fan assembly by releasing the pressure lock with your thumb and ring finger set, applying pressure on opposite sides of the heatsink. Some heatsinks will have screws attaching it to the motherboard, so you will need to remove these. Wiggle the heatsink off the processor. It may seem stuck because of the thermal grease placed between processor and the heatsink. Continue wiggling it until it comes off. Release the processor locking lever by lifting it up. Lift the processor off the mother board and place it with the pins facing up to the side. Avoid setting the processor on the pins as this will bend the pins.

9. Replace the processor on the new motherboard. Check the bottom of the processor and the processor slot to see the correct pin alignment. The processor should simply plug in without any necessary force. If you use force to make the pins go in the slot then they are not aligned correctly. Replace the locking lever. Add thermal grease to the top of the processor and place the heatsink on top. Push the pressured locking lever in place and reinsert any needed screws.

10. Insert the new motherboard into the case and fasten the screws in place. Reassemble all the parts you removed in reverse order.

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