Monday, 17 August 2015

Install The Belt On A Technics Fg Servo Slbd22 Turntable

The Technics SL-BD22 is a favorite amongst turntable enthusiasts.

The Technics model SL-BD22 is very popular amongst turntable enthusiasts. It is a belt-driven, semiautomatic turntable. Installing a Technics FG Servo SL-BD22 turntable belt is a simple task. It requires no tools and only a basic knowledge of turntable maintenance. A good, strong belt is a crucial factor in maintaining a turntable's sound and can play a vital part in extending the life of a turntable.


Installing the Belt

1. It is important to secure tonearm to prevent stylus damage.

Unplug turntable from electric source. Disconnect the turntable from the receiver and any other components. Secure tonearm. Unscrew the hinges of the dust cover and remove the cover.

2. Use fingertips to remove slipmat and platter.

Remove slipmat. Lift platter straight up. Use fingertips to gently lift over the center spindle and set platter aside.

3. Loop belt around pulley cylinder.

Loop belt around the pulley cylinder in the motor. Test the replacement belt by turning the platter clockwise two or three rotations. Belt will fit snugly and turn with little resistance.

4. Replace platter making sure spindle is centered.

Replace platter with spindle in the center. Platter will snap back into place with little pressure. Replace platter mat and unlock tonearm. Reconnect power cords and connections.

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