Thursday, 20 August 2015

Specifications For The Ecs Rc410m Motherboard

Each motherboard has limitiations as to what devices it's compatible with.

The ECS RC410-M Motherboard is compatible with a number of Intel processors. The RC410-M It is a standard Micro-ATX motherboard which has number of options for expansion and connection ports for peripheral devices.

Processor Compatibility

According to HP, the ECS RC410-M motherboard is fashioned with a 775 socket and can support the following processors: Pentium D 900 series Dual Core, Pentium D 820 series Dual Core; Pentium 4 631, 641, 651, 661; Pentium 4 630, 640, 650; Pentium 4 520J/521, 530J/531, 540J/541, 550J/551; Celeron D 352, 356; and the Celeron D 325J/326, 330J/331, 335J/336, 340J/341, 345J/346, 351, 355.


The ECS RC410-M motherboard is a Micro-ATX form factor and measures 9.6 inches by 9.6 inches.


The motherboard has two DIMM slots that support 240-pin, non-ECC 400/533 MHz DDR2 RAM modules. The motherboard can support 2 GB of RAM in the two slots as matched pairs. The motherboard has three PCI slots and one PCI-Express slot. While the motherboard has an integrated graphics card, a dedicated video card can be installed in one of the PCI slots or the PCI-Express slot.

External Connectability

The motherboard has a number of connection ports that are accessible on the back panel of the computer in which it's installed. The ports include an Ethernet port, PS/2 compatible keyboard and mouse connections, S-video and VGA out ports, a parallel port, and four USB ports. The motherboard also includes one IEEE 1394a port, one RJ-45 (LAN) networking port, and audio ports.

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