Monday, 31 August 2015

Replace The Inverter On A Dell Inspiron 1150

Replace the LCD inverter on Dell Inspiron 1150

In the electronics world, an inverter converts AC (Alternating Current) power into DC (Direct Current) Power. In the case of the Dell Inspiron 1150, the power inverter converts the AC power from your laptop's power supply and sends a DC signal to your laptop's LCD screen to give it power. Many times a bad inverter is the cause of a malfunctioning LCD screen. Replacing the power inverter requires some disassembly, but it is nothing an average computer user can't handle.


1. Turn off your laptop, disconnect the power cable and close the LCD display. Disconnect any other cables, external devices and place the laptop face-down. Remove the battery pack and set it aside.

2. Place the laptop face-up and open the LCD display as far as it will go. Use a small flat-head screwdriver to remove the eight rubber screw covers from the front edges of the LCD display.

3. Remove the eight Phillips-head screws from the front bezel cover of the LCD display.

4. Remove the front bezel from the LCD and set it to the side.

5. Remove the Phillips-head screws securing the power inverter to the LCD display in the inverter compartment and set it to the side. Install the new power inverter by placing the inverter inside the compartment and replacing the retaining screws.

6. Replace the front bezel cover, Phillips-head screws and rubber screw coverings.

7. Reconnect the power cable, external devices and replace the battery pack.

8. Turn on your laptop and test your new inverter.

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