Friday, 14 August 2015

Motherboard Upgrades For Hp Pavilion A310n

The HP Pavilion A310n computer contains a M-socket motherboard, which means that the processor will only fit motherboards with the same pin set. A 478 M-socket motherboard is the only motherboard that will work with the factory processor. If you are replacing both the motherboard and the processor in this machine, it's possible to make any combination work.

Replacing Only the Motherboard

If you decide to replace only the motherboard in this computer, it is necessary to find another motherboard with an 478 pin M-socket for your processor, as well as one with an appropriate memory speed. The memory on this board runs at 2100 or 1600, depending on your settings, and is DDR SDRAM. The iBase MB899X motherboard will suit any tower as a replacement for the motherboard. This motherboard will support both the RAM and the processor comfortably. It will also allow an upgrade to a 945-pin Intel processor in the future if desired.

Replacing the Processor

If you are intent on replacing, or upgrading, both the processor and the motherboard, there are dozens of motherboards that will fit the other parts of this computer. Without knowing which processor the user is choosing, however, it is impossible to suggest a proper motherboard. Mid ATX and Mini ATX motherboards will fit into this computer tower, but a server-sized motherboard will likely have screws that are too large to fit properly on the inside of the case. If this is true, you will have to re-drill the holes in the case to install the motherboard.

Replacing Multiple Parts

If you are replacing, or upgrading, multiple parts, it is likely that the only item you will keep is the computer tower or PCI cards like the video card or the sound card. If you will be doing a full-system rebuild of the computer to bring it to contemporary higher-quality standards, you will probably be forced to replace even the power supply unit to properly run the heavier equipment that is used in most computers today. Any motherboard that will accept your other replaced parts will fit in this machine, but you must be careful to check that the parts will all work together. If you are intent on using the old processor, you will be required to use an M-socket motherboard. If you are using the old power supply unit, you cannot go over a certain amount of required power, or you will completely blow the power supply unit and it will require immediate replacement for the computer to turn on.

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