Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Replace A Dell Motherboard & Cpu

If your old Dell computer no longer has the capabilities you need, for new hardware or software you don't need to buy an entirely new system. If you want to save money you can instead replace the motherboard and upgrade the central processing unit (CPU) yourself. A new motherboard can have upgraded expansion ports and more RAM ports, and a new CPU will give you faster performance. To replace the motherboard and CPU on a Dell computer you will need to crack open the case and remove several other components first.


1. Check the manual that came with your Dell computer to find out what CPU it uses (such as an Intel Pentium 4) and which type of CPU socket the motherboard has (such as a Socket 478). Acquire a new CPU and motherboard that are compatible with each other.

2. Power off your Dell computer system. Unplug the power cable from the back end of the Dell. Set the desktop computer over on its side.

3. Check to see if your Dell computer uses release latches or thumbscrews. Twist off the thumbscrew or press down on the release latches on the top and bottom of the computer case.

4. Pull up the computer's side panel until it locks into place and you can see the internal components. Disconnect each of the motherboard cables running from the disk drive, hard drive, and power supply.

5. Locate the RAM modules above the CPU. Push down the white plastic tabs on either side of the RAM modules. Pull the RAM modules off the motherboard and set them outside the computer case.

6. Check to see if there are any PCI or AGP expansion cards installed at the lower-left side of the motherboard. Pull the cards off the expansion card ports and set them outside the computer case.

7. Unplug the wire running from the processor fan to the motherboard. Push down the clamps holding the fan to the processor. Lift the fan and attached heat sink off the processor.

8. Grab both sides of the processor and pull it directly upwards to avoid bending any of the pins. Remove the screws along the edges of the motherboard with the Phillips-head screwdriver.

9. Pull the motherboard upwards and remove it from the case. Set the replacement motherboard into the Dell computer and reconnect the screws. Place the new CPU onto the processor socket and reattach the heat sink and fan.

10. Reconnect the expansion cards and memory. Reattach the cables to the drive bays. Set the side panel back in place and reattach the power cable. Power on the Dell desktop computer.

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