Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Lg Laptop Motherboard Replacement Instructions

Replacing your LG laptop's motherboard requires complete disassembly.

Removing the motherboard from your LG laptop is a project that should not be taken lightly. Your motherboard is the central circuit board on your computer where all your computer's important hardware and devices are connected. If you are not careful, you may permanently damage your computer. If at all possible, you should seek advice from an experienced laptop technician before attempting to remove the motherboard. Additionally, you may violate your computer's warranty agreement by disassembling the laptop casing.


1. Power down your laptop, disconnect the power cable and then close the LCD screen until it clicks shut. Place the laptop face down and remove the battery pack from its compartment. Touch an unpainted piece of metal to discharge any static electricity from your body before you work on the inside of the laptop. This helps prevent electric shock to you and potential damage to hardware inside your computer.

2. Remove all the Phillips-head screws from the bottom casing of the laptop. The number of screws vary between LG laptops.

3. Place the laptop face up and then open the LCD screen all the way. Use a small flat head screwdriver to disengage the four latches attaching the keyboard to the laptop casing along the top edge of the keyboard assembly. Lift the keyboard out of the laptop casing, disconnect the small cable and set the keyboard aside.

4. Remove the five screws securing the plastic heat sink and motherboard protector in place. Insert a flat head screwdriver into the plastic cover's crease along the outside perimeter of the laptop. Work your way around the laptop until the plastic cover is separated from the laptop and the motherboard is exposed.

5. Remove the single screw securing each LCD screen hinge cover in place on either side of the laptop casing. Remove the covers and set them aside.

6. Disconnect the LCD video cables from the motherboard and then locate the CMOS battery and remove it from its compartment. The CMOS battery resembles a large watch battery and is usually located near the CPU chip.

7. Remove the several screws securing the top frame that is also attached to the LCD panel assembly. Carefully remove the upper frame assembly and LCD screen assembly from the laptop base and set it aside.

8. Remove the three screws securing the heat sink in place. Lift the heat sink assembly out of the laptop and set it aside. The heat sink is a large copper piece that covers both the CPU and video card chipsets.

9. Remove the two screws securing the CD/DVD-ROM drive in place and then lift it out of its compartment and set it aside. Then disconnect the speaker wires and then remove the speaker assembly from the laptop.

10. Remove the three screws that secure the motherboard in place. Two screws are located in the upper and lower right-hand corners. The third screw is located along the left-hand edge of the motherboard, near the center of the motherboard assembly. Carefully wiggle the motherboard out of the laptop casing until it is completely free.

11. Repeat this procedure in reverse to install the new motherboard.

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