Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Install Sound Device Drivers

Install Sound Device Drivers

Most modern day computers come with sound cards and sound device drivers pre-installed. But what happens when you have purchased an older computer that you thought would have sound, only to discover that it has no sound at all? The issue could possibly be with the sound device drivers, which may require them to be installed or re-installed. Follow this simple process to install your sound device drivers. You will have your sound up and running in no time.


Install Sound Device Drivers

1. Power on your computer. Ensure that there is a sound device installed on your computer. You can locate your sound device by right clicking on "My Computer." Click "Properties." Select "Device Manager." Click on "Sound." Your sound device should be listed. If there is no sound device listed, you will have to purchase and install a sound device before proceeding.

2. Insert the CD or floppy disk that contains the drivers for your sound device into your computer's CD-ROM or floppy disk drive. If you do not have the CD or floppy disk that contains the sound device drivers, there are websites such as Driver Guide and NoDevice that will allow you to download the drivers online for free.

3. Click on "Install Drivers." The sound device drivers will then be installed onto your computer. It may be necessary to restart your computer once the installation is complete.

4. Open your media player and play an audio file to ensure that your sound device drivers were installed successfully.

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