Thursday, 20 August 2015

Update A Biostar Motherboard Driver For Win 7

Most new Biostar motherboards already conform to hardware standards and requirements for Windows 7. If you have an older Biostar motherboard, though, it is still possible to make it compatible with the new Microsoft operating system. When installing Windows 7 on a system with an older motherboard, the operating system often uses legacy or generic drivers to ensure compatibility. To improve performance of your Biostar motherboard in Windows 7, download and install the latest manufacturer drivers.


1. Browse to the Biostar Download Center website (see Resources). Select the model number of your Biostar motherboard from the drop-down list underneath the "Motherboard" label. Click the "Select" button.

2. Locate all the driver files on the webpage listed as compatible with the Windows 7 operating system. In most cases, you should download motherboard drivers for the "Chipset," "On-Board LAN," "On-Board Audio" and "USB Controller." If your Biostar motherboard has an on-board video adapter, download the "On-Board VGA" driver as well. Save all of the files in a folder on your computer.

3. Browse to the folder where you saved the downloaded motherboard drivers for your Biostar motherboard. Double-click the "Chipset" driver file to launch the installer utility. Accept the terms and conditions agreement and then follow the prompts to install the new driver. Reboot the computer when prompted to do so.

4. Install the other drivers in the same manner as you did the "Chipset" utility. Install the following drivers: "USB Controller," "On-Board VGA (if applicable)," "On-Board LAN" and "On-Board Audio." Restart the computer after each driver upgrade.

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